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Vocal Coaching with Amanda 


Amanda offers Virtual Vocal Lessons over ZOOM & Skype

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_____________________________________________________________________________________________                                                             Vocal Coaching Bio


In 2010 Amanda began her career as a vocal instructor when she moved from The United States to Macau, China; the Las Vegas of Asia. 


In 2013, Amanda was asked to join one of the top voice and recording studios in Hong Kong as an associate vocal instructor. The studio of choice for Hong Kong's pop, television, and movie stars. 

For 3 years she taught private one on one lessons, in addition to creating original performance classes for adults and children for musical theatre, pop and cabaret style productions. In addition, Amanda worked as a vocal producer on numerous professional recordings and albums released in Hong Kong and Taiwan. 


Since her relocation back to California, Amanda has now worked with over 300 clients of all ages, backgrounds, and professional levels. She is also a performing arts consultant, vocal arranger, and vocal producer frequently working with artists on their original songs and albums.


Amanda advises her clients past and present, all over the world with any questions they have regarding their voice, song selection, audition preparation, contract negotiation, career development, and much more. She trains beginners to professionals, and has experience coaching musical theatre, country, pop, rock, jazz, and classical styles.


Currently Amanda is a vocal instructor and band performance coach at School Of Rock music schools in southern California.  


She is also a certified Vocal Yoga instructor, which blends modified yoga poses with vocal exercises. 

Amanda has trained with some of the best voice and body experts in their field. 

Joan Melton (Voice & Movement), Heather Lyle (Vocal Yoga), Jennie Morton (Osteopathy), Terra Gold (Yoga Anatomy), and Krystal Diaz (Speech Level Singing). 

She is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing.



                                            Client Testimonials


"Amanda is an amazing teacher. She explains things so clearly and effortlessly. I love how she can just hear a sound and tell me how I can make it better. I feel she is a very sharp professional teacher, but also makes class fun and interesting." - Naomi Pathela 



















"As a performer herself she passed on practical tools for auditioning and improving my voice. Amanda had a great understanding of the entertainment industry, especially musical theatre. Amanda presented new vocal techniques and exercises allowing me to improve my vocal range and strength and style"

- Kristopher Peter Long (Professional Dancer) 


"Amanda is the best!!
Passionate, makes learning easy, exciting and tailors each session to your goals, progress & more. I've been lucky to have her as my vocal coach!! Amanda, thanks for your training, they really help inspire me!" - Devin Benter (Musician) 


"Besides being a good instructor in all the technical areas of singing, Amanda is a very friendly and warm teacher. She is very comfortable to work with and has a great sense of humor, and having class with her was always very enjoyable. 

I highly recommend Amanda as a vocal, performance or voice-care instructor to anyone at any level” - Cristiana Soares 





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School of Rock  (Google Review 2019)


Client List & Company Affiliations


Susan Wong - Hong Kong's Top Selling English Language Pop Artist

Laurinda Ho - Hong Kong Artist

Jeannie Chan - Hong Kong TV and Film Actress

Maggie Fu - Twainanese Recording Artist

Peony Yao - Universal Music Hong Kong Artist

Ami O - Japanese TV & Radio Personality 

Andrew Chan - TVB Hong Kong

Jonathan Wong - Hong Kong Pop Artist 

Jasmine Yen - Hong Kong 

Roberto Madan - Macau Pop Artist 


Galaxy Casino - MACAU, China (Vocal Training for Dancers)

The House of Dancing Water - MACAU, Casino (Training Acrobats/Dancers/Actors)

Christine Samson Music and Arts Studio - HONG KONG (Associate Vocal Instructor)

youareXYZ - Indoor Cycling Studio, HONG KONG (Voice Training for Spin Instructors)




Vocal Producing Demo, CSMA Studio, Hong Kong  

Student Photos

Group Vocal Training

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