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The Vocal Yoga Workout

with Amanda Restivo

Yoga for your Body. Yoga for your Voice. 

This truly unique 1 hour group class blends modified Yoga poses with traditional vocal exercises designed to help you strengthen and release your authentic voice. 


About The Vocal Yoga Workout:


This truly unique vocal workout will help you strengthen and release your voice, expand your range, keep your voice flexible, healthy, and ready to use for all your daily vocal needs.

If you’re a professional voice user like an actor, or singer, a teacher, a fitness or Yoga instructor,

in sales, a military drill instructor, or even just a parent speaking to your children all day, this class can benefit anyone with a voice looking to improve overall function, quality, and health of their vocal instrument.

About Your Instructor: Amanda Restivo

With over 20 years as a professional singer and almost a decade as a vocal instructor, Amanda is bringing a truly innovative vocal workout to your studio!

 Amanda is a RYT 200hour Registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance.

She is a certified Vocal Yoga Instructor and is a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing.


She has trained with some of the best voice and body experts in their field; 

Joan Melton (Voice & Movement), Heather Lyle (Vocal Yoga), Marika Becz (Fitzmaurice Work)

Jennie Morton (Osteopathy), Terra Gold (Yoga Anatomy), Bree Koenig (Vinyasa Yoga)

Krystal Diaz (Speech Level Singing), & Judy Weaver (Trauma-Conscious Yoga) 


Amanda has created a truly unique workout for the voice. 

It helps to keep your voice healthy and fit, while improving range and overall quality.  

She trains all voice users, from beginners to professional vocal athletes. 

Whether it's speaking or singing, she can help you achieve your vocal goals!


"Vocal Yoga is about connecting your Mind, Body, Breath & Voice.
You are an instrument just waiting to be played." 

~Amanda Restivo~ 



Private & Group Classes Available

For Rates & Booking Inquiries:

For Upcoming Class Info Visit: The Vocal Yoga Workout on Facebook & Instagram

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